Thursday, June 7, 2018

They called it Homosexuality

Last week, I finally received the results to an Access to Information / Freedom of Information request that I had submitted to the Department of National Defence.
I had requested "All records, log books, occurrence reports and other paperwork associated with Canadian Forces Special Investigations Unit investigation DS-120-10-80".
This request was given file number A-2016-02434.


I was actually surprised when I received this information as the Department of National Defence and the Judge Advocate General have both fought me tooth and nail over releasing any information related to the Captain Father Angus McRae fiasco in 1980.

In fact, just recently, the Office of the Information Commissioner asked me to abandon my complaint against DND as their legal review team had come to the conclusion that the "in-camera" order couldn't be lifted by any legal means other than by the party that requested it. The party that originally requested the "in-camera" order was the Department of National Defence, and the Minister of National Defence, Gilles Lamontagne.

None the less, DS-120-10-80  has answered some questions.

To clarify some things, DS-120-10-80 makes use of the term "Master". Master in this sense is an informal title bestowed upon a young boy who isn't old enough to be called "Mister". It's an archaic term. But, I'll use it none the less in this blog entry as it helps ties the person I'm talking about to the CFSIU reports.

In November of 2011, when the CFNIS were unable to bring charges against an already multi-time convicted child molester, I made a plea in one of the base brat groups on Facebook for anyone with any information about CFB Namao in 1980 to contact me.

A woman, whose husband had been with the military police on CFB Namao during that period of time contacted me and gave me the name of Fred Cunningham, she also gave me his phone number.

When I was given the name of Fred Cunningham to speak with back in November of 2011, I had no idea who Fred actually was. I was just told that he was a "meat head".  And when I spoke with him, Fred didn't identify what his position was with the military police back in 1980. Fred seemed to have a lot of recollection of the events, including the fact that the "military police" were aware of what the babysitter had been up to with younger children. Fred knew who the babysitter was. Fred told me that Master P.S. was 15 years old at the time of the court martial of Captain McRae, not 13 years old like Canadian Forces National Investigation Service investigator Sergeant Christian Cyr told me on May 3rd, 2011.
Fred said that it was actually the babysitter having been caught with a young child that set the whole Captain Father Angus McRae fiasco into motion. This would be confirmed when I spoke with Mr. J.S. in July of 2015. Mr. J.S. is the father of Master P.S.. Master P.S. had been interviewed by the military police in 1980 as "he had been doing things with children that only an adult could have shown him how to do". Master P.S. tearfully broke down at the dinner table in his family's PMQ on 12th street and named Canadian Forces Officer Captain Father Angus McRae as being the dult in question.

When I filed my first complaint with the Provost Marshal back in 2011, I mentioned some of the details of the conversation I had with Fred Cunningham. Fred had asked me not to say anything about our conversation to anyone. At the time I didn't know of the "Security of Information Act" / "The Official Secrets Act". But as it turns out, anyone who was ever subject to the Code of Service Discipline is prohibited by those acts from ever passing on any information the person became aware of while they were on a defence establishment. Looks like I may have gotten Fred into a little bit of trouble.

In 2012, I was told by the Provost Marshal's office that Fred was mistaken, that Fred didn't know much about the investigation, implying that what Fred had told me was probably bullshit. Even recently, during the now ended 2015 to 2018 reanimation of the dead-as-a-doornail 2011 CFNIS investigation, I was told that Fred Cunningham wasn't that important of a player.

Misinformation seems to be a trick-of-the-trade with the Canadian Armed Forces as Fred Cunningham wasn't just some schmuck who fell off the turnip truck. Fred Cunningham was a Warrant Officer in 1980. Fred Cunningham, at the time of that Captain McRae fiasco, was the Acting Section Commander for the Canadian Forces Special Investigations Unit at Canadian Forces Base Edmonton. Remember, CFB Edmonton was comprised of CFB Namao and CFB Greisbach.

And yes, the Fred Cunningham I spoke with on November 27th, 2011 is the same Warrant Officer Fred Cunningham, Acting Section Commander of the CFSIU in 1980.

I had sent Fred a registered letter in December of 2011.

This is the signature I received when he signed for the letter:

Looks pretty damn similar to me.

From what the documents state, it would appear that  on Monday May 12th, 1980 Captain Pilling, the base security officer, requested that the CFSIU conduct and investigation into "an alleged act of suspected homosexuality" which involved a member of the Canadian Forces from CFB Edmonton.

Sgt. R.J. Ryan, a special investigator with the SIU, was requested by Warrant Officer Fred Cunningham to conduct the investigation. Warrant Officer Fred Cunningham had specifically told Sergeant R.J. Ryan that the alleged incident of "homosexuality" involved Captain Father Angus McRae and Master P.S. and that Warrant Officer Mossman and Sergeant Clark "had more information concerning this matter".

Warrant Officer Fred Cunningham was also involved with picking Captain Father Angus McRae up from Hangar #5 and transporting Captain McRae to the military police offices where Warrant Officer Fred Cunningham participated in the interrogation of Captain McRae.

In July of 2015, I had a conversation with the Mr. J.S., the babysitter's father. Mr. J.S. stated that two M.P.s came to his PMQ on 12th street to talk to his son about what his son had been doing with younger children.  I will assume that Warrant Officer Mossman and Sergeant Clark were the two investigators that went to interview Master P.S. at his family's PMQ on 12th street.

According to the ATI paperwork there was ONE complainant and SEVEN other boys that were involved in this event.
That's 8 boys total.
I know who three of these boys are.
When I spoke with Mr. J.S. in July of 2015 he said the military police had the names of 25 kids. This goes back to what Fred Cunningham said to me on November 27th, 2011. Fred said that the military police in 1980 knew there were more kids involved in this matter, but a lot of people didn't want to get involved.
Was my father, Master Corporal Richard Gill, one of these parents that didn't want to get involved? After all, Richard sure seemed to know at various points between 1980 and 2014 who the babysitter was and what he had done. Knowing my father, yeah, I can see him not wanting to get involved. Our household was fairly dysfunctional back then, so yeah, he wouldn't have wanted any undue attention brought to his household.
Even with good issues, Richard Gill just couldn't be bothered to become involved.

Fred also said that the Military Police in 1980 had more charges ready to lay against Captain McRae, but that the "brass" limited the charges to just those involving Master P.S.. Every other kid from CFB Namao was thrown under the rug.

And I finally have my answer as to what the deal was with Canadian Forces officer Captain Terry Totzke, the military social worker for Western Command.

This jumped out right at me as I read the pages of ATI A-2016-02434.

Captain Father Angus McRae wasn't alleged to have committed sexual assaults against children on Canadian Forces Base Namao.

Captain Father Angus McRae was alleged to have committed acts of "HOMOSEXUALITY".
(see the above image)

The Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Forces Special Investigations Unit were obviously of the opinion that all of us kids that were involved with Captain Father Angus McRae and his lead altar boy, Master P.S., were participating in acts of homosexuality. That's why the Canadian Forces had absolutely no compunction about shoving all of us under the rug.

The military viewed us all as willing participants, not victims.

This is why Captain Terry Totzke used to tell me that I must have liked what happened on CFB Namao as I never said anything to anyone. This is why I used to get blamed for involving my younger brother with the babysitter and "forcing" and "allowing" the babysitter to touch him.
Yeah, okay, so I was between 7-8 at the time, and my brother was 5-6 at the time and the babysitter was 14.
Somehow I had the power to "force" the babysitter.
This is also why Captain Terry Totzke used to tell me that he had the military police watching me on CFB Greisbach and that if I kissed another boy again that I'd be sent off to the Alberta Hospital.

And, being a military social worker, Captain Terry Totzke would have been involved with the enforcement of Canadian Forces Administrative Order CFAO 19-20. The full title of  CFAO 19-20 was "Homosexuality - Sexual Abnormality, Medical Examination and Disposal".

So yeah, I can see what Captain Totzke's game was.
He was trying to "Cure" me of the "Homosexual" urges that I had obviously been exhibiting,  that had led me to being discovered being buggered in the bedroom of Master P.S. in May of 1980 when I was 8 years old.
And of course, my idiot father, being a lowly Master Corporal with no civilian career options, would have not questioned the wisdom of a Captain.
If the Captain said that his 8 year old son was potentially a pole smoking homosexual, then that's what his son was.

What will happen now?

Not too sure.

Got to plan my next moves carefully this time.